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The Shaw Institute

The Shaw Institute holds resources on behalf of the Society. Currently we hold  specifically filmed interviews and performance material which will grow in scope.  Since The Shaw Society itself celebrated  its 80th anniversary in 2021 we have added key society events to our resources. Have a look at the first such events Farewell GBS –  events held remotely and attended by a worldwide audience on 2 November 2020 on the 70th anniversary of Shaw’s death with a second event on 13 December 2020. This includes a fascinating range of remote productions from the Covid lock own period. Visit too an evening in March 2021 around an on-line rendering of O’Flaherty VC.

The very first resources posted were Shavian Conversations with Professor Stanley Weintraub and Barbara Smoker – both of whom sadly  recently passed away. As lifelong Shavians their knowledge and insights are remarkable, and valuable to anyone interested in Shaw.

More resources to follow to include information around the Shaw Society archive!

Visit The Shaw Institute

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