Our Vision

The Objectives of the Shaw Society are: 

  • To advance public education and appreciation of the British theatre through the plays, writings, and ideas of George Bernard Shaw (“GBS”) and his contemporaries.   
  • To provide opportunities to study, discuss and enjoy the works of GBS and his contemporaries through public performances, readings, films, lectures, talks and articles in the press and the Society’s journal “The Shavian”.  
  • To establish and maintain contact with public educational institutions in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the United States of America and elsewhere to exchange information about GBS and his contemporaries.  
  • To encourage the pursuit of Shaw’s themes and ideas through awards and bursaries open to the public.  
  • To undertake research, and publish the results of it, for the purpose of advancing public education as referred to in (1) above.  
  • To promote a wider and better understanding of GBS’s life and work and to provide (in his own words) a “rallying point for the co-operation and education of kindred spirits and a forum for their irreconcilable controversies”.