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Since 2016, regular Shaw Society events have taken place at the Actors Centre in London’s Soho. With pandemic restrictions continuing, it is unlikely that venue-based events will be possible in the near future. However, we are pleased to announce Sharing Shaw: a new series of online live events using Zoom, which will enable us to reach wider UK and international audiences.


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Sharing Shaw will present a range of performances, readings and talks, with panel discussions and audience feedback. The autumn 2020 season began on Saturday 26th September when SHAW2020 presented Three Rare Playlets: The Girl with the Golden Voice, Beauty’s Duty, and Skit for the Tiptaft Revue.

The season will continue in November/ December with two events to mark the 70th anniversary of Shaw’s death: an original Farewell to GBS devised and presented by Helen Tierney and Alexis Ward, preceded by a curtain-raiser, Darlington 1950, based on extracts from Anne Wright’s play Affectionately Ellen, Ever GBS. The December event will feature a film from Michael Friend, who has devised for the occasion an original program drawing on Shaw’s earliest and final works, on the theme of marriage.
The performances will be followed by a panel discussion

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