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The Actors Centre

1a Tower Street,

off Earlham Street, London WC2H 9NP

Nearest tube stations are

Tottenham Court Road or Leicester Square and a number of buses pass close by, including the 14, 19, 24,

29, 38 and 176.  


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A script in hand performance of



By Bernard Shaw


Shaw’s post-atomic play from 1948. Even in his

last plays Shaw’s virtuosity, technical sparkle and ability to stimulate and challenge an audience

remain wholly undiminished.



Bethany Blake  Stephen Bradley  Albert Clack

Jesse Cooper  Janna Fox  Karl Niklas


Directed by Michael Friend



Michael Friend


Press Cuttings  

Opens on the 7th March

Don’t miss it!

Pentameters in


A Review of the February Meeting


Director Lorenzo Peter Mason produced a script-in-hand performance of Shaw’s ‘revolutionary romancelet’  Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress  which followed a very efficient Annual General Meeting (details will be posted on the website shortly). This production coincided with the centenary of the Soviet Revolution. Veteran Shavian actor  Bernard O’Sullivan played a rumbustious General Strammfest, trying to accept the new government after a coup, while loyally wishing to restore the old regime. His lieutenant, Schneiderkind, played by Jonathon Cooper, is less resistant to change.   The General learns that the Grand Duchess Annajanska, the beautiful daughter of the Panjandrum, has joined the rebels and eloped with a young officer.   Haughtily played by Sasha Wilson, Annajanska bursts onto the stage, bringing with her an exhausted soldier (Jonas Cemm) hanging on desperately to her arm. The mystery is unravelled when the Duchess throws off her fur coat to reveal a soldier’s uniform.   A discussion followed the performance.  This was Bernard’s third Shaw production, having previously acted in The Apple Cart and On the Rocks.  But for both Sasha and Jonathan this was their first experience with Shaw, and they acquitted themselves very well.  Here’s to seeing them in many future productions!